Persons who have obtained permanent residence in Canada will be issued Permanent Resident Cards (PR card/Maple Leaf Card) usually valid for 5 years.

These cards can be renewed continuously provided the permanent resident has met the residency requirement – physically reside in Canada for at least 2 years out of a 5-year period.

Renewing P. R. Cards

A maximum absence record of a total of 3 years = 1095 days out of a five-year period (1825 days).

You have to return to Canada to personally pick up your new P R card when it is issued.

Travel Documents (NOT Travel Visa)

When your PR card is expired and you are not a Canadian citizen yet, you must apply a Travel Document to return to Canada. It is a one-time use document. Upon returning to Canada, you have to renew your PR card immediately.

We strongly recommend you to renew your P R card when you are physically residing in Canada. Overseas Canadian Embassies or Consulates will not easily grant a travel document for a Permanent resident unless you have a good reason. If you cannot return to Canada, you have to file a Residency appeal in order to maintain your permanent residency status.

Residency Appeals

Appeal within 60 days [please refer to our Appeal]

If your P R card or Travel Document is not granted, you may file an appeal. The appeal will be held in Canada and the appellant can provide new evidence in support of their case and can testify before a judge. Where the appellant is outside Canada such testimony may be done by teleconference.