Will I get visa by giving birth in Canada?

Some families do not mind spending enormous money to come all the way from their homeland just to have a baby born in Canada. Doubtless to say, the child has an automatic right to claim its Canadian citizenship. However parents will not automatically enjoy their permanent residency in Canada. They must go through the “Application for Permanent Residence in Canada” procedure in one of the categories: Independent, Entrepreneur, Self Employed, or Investor.

You may think if I missed out the Family Sponsorship. No, I did not, the Immigration Law sets out that all sponsors should reach the age of 19. As the child is just born, the sponsor does not meet the age requirement.

Therefore, if you are not qualified as one of the regular applicants for Permanent Residence in Canada as listed above, you may consider “Humanitarian & Compassionate Grounds”, of which you should consider a long term and complicated process.

Does my child eligible for any benefits?

Besides obtaining a Canadian Citizenship and Canadian passport, your child needs to apply for a “Health Card”. Due to the fact that the parents are neither Canadian Citizens nor Permanent Residents, when applying for Health Card, you may encounter some problems. If you insist to apply a Health Card for your child, you may need to consider preparing a legal guardianship. You have to assign a trust worthy person to take care of your baby.

How long could the mother stay after giving birth?

Most visitors are allowed to stay 6 months upon their arrival (i.e., if you arrive on July 1st, you are allowed to stay until December 31, unless otherwise stated in your passport). Therefore, if the mother has been pregnant for 8 months arrived Canada, two months after the baby was born, she is entitled to stay until the child is four months old.

Can the mother stay longer?

If you decide to take care of your newborn baby a little bit longer, I suggest you file the “Application for a Visitor Visa Extension” 5 months after your arrival. You must allow immigration office approximately 30 days to proceed your extension application.