There are different categories to immigrate to Canada:

  1. If you own a business or manage a business for someone else, you can consider applying under business class category.
  2. For young, energetic, experienced and educational personnel, you will come to Canada as a skilled worker type where you can continue exercising your skills.
  3. We cannot forget our parents, you want to bring them to Canada to live with you permanently, you can sponsor them as a family class application.
  4. Same as for your children, for any reason, when you were landed as a PR, you child(ren) did not come with you and you want to sponsor them now, most likely you can.  It is also called a family class application.
  5. Either you are a PR, or a Canadian citizen, after marriage, you cannot bring your spouse into Canada by the virtue of marriage, you have to sponsor the husband/wife as a family class application, and he/she will be able to live in Canada with you together.